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The Showings of Julian of Norwich

A New Translation

A fresh and contemporary translation of one of the best-loved and influential mystical texts of all time, The Showings of Julian of Norwich brings the message and spirituality of this 14th-century mystic to 21st-century readers.

Julian of Norwich, a contemporary of Geoffrey Chaucer, was an English anchoress in East Anglia. At the age of 30, suffering from a severe illness and believing she was on her deathbed, Julian had a series of intense visions of Jesus, which she recorded and then expanded on later in her life.

Her message for today's readers is simply this:

  • She reveals the feminine face of the Divine and reminds us to see

    God there.

  • All our failings are an opportunity to learn and grow; that they should be honored, but not dwelled upon.

  • God's love has nothing to do with love and retribution and everything to do with love and compassion.

  • In spite of all appearances, all is well.

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